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Davis Lisboa (São Paulo, Brazil, 1965), installation view of "The Referendum Section from Davis Museum (Polling Station)", 2009-ongoing. Plexiglass ballot box, vinyl and mirror, lacquered wood pedestal, electric rotating base, velvet curtain on metallic bar, framed handmade embroidery on fabric, iPad kiosk, lacquered stool and carpet on wood stage. Dimensions: width 97 in (246 cm), height 65 in (166 cm), depth 59 in (150 cm).

Davis Museum | The Davis Lisboa Mini-Museum of Contemporary Art in Barcelona was founded on Facebook in 2009. It is the first contemporary art museum created in a ballot box through social networks. It functions simultaneously as a readymade sculpture, a collective work of art, and a temporary, mutable conceptual space more than a physical one. A provocation to the art establishment. With its own permanent contemporary art collection, The Davis Museum is also a non-profit artistic project that organizes and produces exhibitions, encourages research, and promotes contemporary art exhibitions. Additionally, The Davis Museum organizes traveling exhibitions to other cultural centers, museums and institutions, nationally and internationally, while generating debate, thought, and reflection. Its mission is the selection, presentation, study, dissemination, and preservation of contemporary art by emerging and renowned artists from around the world. The Generalitat de Catalunya (Autonomous Community of Kingdom of Spain) formally recognizes the Davis Museum’s permanent collection of contemporary art.

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